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Ridgid NaviTrack Line Locator

Ridgid NaviTrack Line Locator

Ridgid NaviTrack Line Locator

Item #: Q506-1044
Manufacturer: RIDGID
Manufacturer Number: 96967
Product Type: Line Locator

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Ridgid NaviTrack Line Locator identifies energized metallic lines!

Features & Applications:

Quickly steers you to the right pipe, cable, or in-line transmitter reducing difficult locates and costly mistakes. Provides more feedback with an easy to read display and multipule audio signals. Leads you directly to the location of the underground line, regardless of how the unit is held. Built with high-quality electronics and rugged, durable construction for long-lasting performance.

Ridgid NaviTrack Line Locator provides unprecedented ease of use! The Search and Map Functions provide all the information needed to conduct faster and more accurate locates. Due to NaviTrack's advanced technology, training time is greatly reduced. You can learn to locate with NaviTrack in minutes.


  • Advanced Search Function that allows you to approach the transmitter from any direction
  • Maximize the signal and the locate is complete
  • Verify the locate using NaviTrack's advanced Map Function Measurement is continuous
  • Depths of greater than 15 feet can be read in cast iron lines